2014年,VAST與夏威夷的衝浪/滑板品牌In4mation展開了他們的第一次合作 - VAST X In4mation衝浪褲。這條備受期待的衝浪褲由In4mation的Jun Jo和Keith Kanagusuku設計。他們的設計靈感來自於創造出高品質且經典並擁有高性能的衝浪褲。VAST X In4mation衝浪褲除了擁有出色的設計外,材質上更有著舒適的觸感。 9英寸的VAST X In4mation採用有機編織花紋圖案印花及魔鬼粘黏合,並加蓋印花標誌的皮革貼片。同年,VAST和In4mation在美國和台灣之間的夏威夷歐胡島舉行了會晤,以慶祝我們的合作關係。我們在海灘上露營並在歐胡島附近捕捉到巨大的波浪,一同建立起友好的關係。
“衝浪者有種無法解釋的聯繫。講不同語言的陌生人能夠透過他們對衝浪的共同愛好而形成有好關係,甚至不用說一句話 - 尤其在In4mation X VAST野營之旅中見證這一點,這是衝浪是世界共同語言的真實證明。“ - Jun Jo這麼說。而這款In4mation X VAST衝浪褲現正販售:

The VAST X In4mation collaboration is designed to look good, but also work exceptionally well. The fabric gives the garment a soft hand, yet the construction is designed to take a beating. The 9-inch VAST X In4mation feature organic weaved checkered pattern print; velcro closure, saddle piecing and are finished off with a stamped logo leather patch. VAST and In4mation met over this past weekend in Oahu, Hawaii, the island between both the mainland of the US and Taiwan, to celebrate their newly formed relationship. Camping out on the beach and catching great waves all around Oahu, they formed a great relationship, despite the language barrier, “Surfers have this unexplainable bond. Perfect strangers, who speak different languages are able to form relationships through their common love for surfing, without even having to say a word – Witnessing this on the In4mation X VAST camping trip is a true testament to the universal language of surf.” – Jun Jo, In4mation. The In4mation X VAST boardshorts are now available on

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