Baja wey 墨西哥 環保衝浪板襪品牌,製作的材料來自垃圾回收布料,並且全手工編織創作。當初創立的原因非常簡單:希望每一位使用它的Sufer,都會因為看到它而露出滿滿微笑!

Wey (也常被拼做「güey」),在西班牙文的意思是:兄弟、老兄、bro、dude,是一種很口語化的叫法。在墨西哥排隊時,也非常容易聽到這個字詞。不過,Wey 也有另一個雙關語意:Baja Wey 的生活方式。






The inspiration behind Baja Wey is simple: let’s make a surfboard sock that makes you smile every time you use it.

Wey (also spelled güey) in Spanish means “dude” “bro” or “like” It’s a colloquial term used with your buddies, and it will be heard on the regular in lineups all over Mexico. ¿Que onda wey?

But it’s also a double entendre for Way of Life, the Baja Wey.

So what is Baja Wey?
🌵 Get out of cell service for a while
🌵 Wave to the people in the car as it passes by
🌵 Slow down at a yellow light instead of speeding up  Stop and help a stranger on the side of the road
🌵 Offer someone a beer
🌵 Realize that less is more

The Baja Wey 🌵🌊 🤙

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